Tuesday, March 22, 2005

American Falls

Growing up in a the small farming community of American Falls, I had always had my eye on this drop, American falls of the Snake River. The only problem is the falls always seemed to be hell or high-water. For months it would sit dry with no water flowing. Then, as if the dam had exploded, it would flow Huge and Unrunnable! Usually, when this bad boy is flowing, you can feel the ground shake from a distance. High water here is truly a sight to behold.
In the fall of 2003 the powers that be decided to let the falls run a low flow of 500 CFS. Driving by I spotted the falls a runnable level. Immediatly went home grabbed my boat to huck. Here are the pictures...

The first drop, a man made must boof.

Just to the left is the final rapid, "the Pinch".

Dropping the second fall.

"The Pinch"

Blasting through the final drop