Monday, July 18, 2005

Multiple Rivers For Multiple Sclerosis Blog
This blog will cover the adventures of Dave Thompson, Daz Clarkson, Erik Boomer and Andy round as they embark to paddle the Triple Crown of expedition Kayaking including the Susitna, Alsek, Stikine and Homathko rivers. Through this trip we would like to raise awareness and some money for the research and eventual cure of Multiple Sclerosis.


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Eric I read about you in Kayak magazine this summer, I'm David' Norell's mom. Thanks so much for mentioning him in that article about you. Can you share with me how you met and some of the kayaking you might have done together? By the way, my brother has MS as well, a "milder" variety-- but he has had it since his late 30's and now is in his 50's. I hope your mother is ok. Hope to hear from you Rae Ann norell

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