Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A new toy on Lick Creek Summit

Picking up my new kayak, the Liquidlogic Jefe, I went straight into a two week paddling binge. I paddled hard every day because I had a two week break before my next river trip, I know its, tough. It went something like this North fork payette, Goose Creek, Little salmon Falls and lower hazard, upper johnson creek, Lick creek, Back to little salmon falls,North Fork again, Bear creek in bitteroots and culminated with an epic two day trip on Hazard Creek from the top of the mountain all the way down to the little Salmon(expect a full trip report in two weeks on Hazard Creek). Unfortunately, I did not get pictures of all of these runs. But I did take some pictures of the low water run down Lick Creek near the Summit.

In this photo you can really see the bow of the Jefe doing its job, I know my Embudo would have pitoned and hurt my knees here.


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